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Raising from the Rubble of the old Fury’s Charge in light of the Guild initiative, Plight in Maguuma, and the many other threats facing Tyria we stand as a group of able bodied individuals willing to use their strength, intellect, skill, and determination to make the world a better place.

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A Word About Revenants (Spoilers for HoT)

by Silvyy , 2 days ago

Alright, since they are a new class there is some confusion as to what Revs are capable of, and how their backstories will work. Since they are so new and we know so little about them, we will be lenient about Revenants in certain areas. However, there are rules that have been stated in the Lore thus far, and can be viewed on the wiki here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Revenant Since one of our joining rules was that you have to abide by the lore, anything that is stated on the wiki will apply to your Revenant. 

Warning, Spoiler-ey Details Below:

A: Revenants are a new class, ICly and OOCly. It says on the Wiki that Rytlock Brimstone is the first Revenant, so while characters can be physically older than him, their experiences as a Revenant cannot. 

B: Revenants are people who have gone on a journey through the Mists, and gained new powers through it. Some people have interpreted this as meaning their Revenants have been raised from the dead, and while this has not actually been proven uncanon in the lore the creators have outright said this is not the case. 

C: We understand that roleplay wise you may be channeling the power of heroes other than the five provided, and this is fine. The one condition of channeling a different spirit is that it must be dead, as Revenants cannot channel the spirits of living creatures. This also goes for Elder Dragons. Currently in the guild's lore, the only Elder Dragon who is dead is Zhaitan. Eir, and other characters who were killed in the HoT storyline (excluing Mordremoth himself) are dead, and can be used as aspects. 

D: As a rule of par not just with revenants but also with every other class, No immortal or un-aging characters its Mary sueish and uninteresting we strive to help you come up with the most diverse characters possible I know some of you will need to re evaluate some things in regards to this. But rest assured this is in no way a attack on your character just a effort to keep things balanced. 

                                              -Pume and Silvyy   

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Guild event one a smashing success!

by Silvyy , 3 days ago

Guild event one was a smashing success! Pocketing us 300 favor which brings us to the point where we can now afford our guild as far as favor is concerned.

EDIT: special thanks Araceae Shadowbloom and everyone els who donated to fund the expedition. we Currently have everything we need to run the actual mission its just a matter of having 10 capable players online at once, as well as getting some RP formalities out of the way. As a side note some items that we should start looking out for are Exotic essence of luck and potions of PvP reward track progress as these will be some of the hardest to gather in the long run since they cant be bought on TP.     


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