The Corkboard

The Corkboard

by Silvyy , 141 days ago


Please Read this If you would like to use the IC CB (Cork board)   









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About Fury's Charge

Raising from the Rubble of the old Fury’s Charge in light of the Guild initiative, Plight in Maguuma, and the many other threats facing Tyria we stand as a group of able bodied individuals willing to use their strength, intellect, skill, and determination to make the world a better place.

Guild News

Recruiting for FC

by Silvyy , 2 days ago

Please give this a read if your willing to lend a hand with growing are numbers

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Guild Canon

by Infernal Pume, 260 days ago

Alright, now that we have gotten to a functional size and have most of the major upgrades we can start talking about the Guild's Canon. Me and Silvyy did have an official reason for joining, but since this is everyone's guild we'd like to hear your ideas of how to make the guild storyline more interesting. 


As of right now Fury's Charge is a Guild funded by the worldwide Guild Initiative Office in Lions Arch. Essentially at some point during the Zhaitan destruction and Scarlet attacks small guilds have been encouraged and funded by the Guild Initiative to aid the people of Tyria. Whether it be dungeons, guild missions, or just helping farmers with their crops the Guild Initiative Office funds us to help out around the world.

In the current timeline Zhaitan and Scarlet have been defeated, and the most recent threat is the Mordrem int he Maguuma Jungle. While this is taking up a lot of attention from some guildies defeating Mordremoth is by no means our main purpose. We are just aiding the pact similarly to how we aid the rest of Tyria.

As all of you might have noticed, Fury's charge has taken up residency in the Gilded Hollow. For those of you who werent there for the capturing mission, or just didnt get the memo, the Guild Initiative Office sent Fury's Charge on an expedition to the Gilded Hollow due to its abundance of Aetherium. Aetherium is a precious magic resource that can be found in the mines. Its essentially crystalized layline energy. In return for the many benefits of the guild hall we sell Aetherium back to the Guild Initiative Office. As well as being extremely valuable on a economic scale, Fury's Charge is also occupying the Gilded Hollow to aid the pact. We are defending the Aetherium mines from Mordremoth, who would otherwise consume the magic and grow more powerful. We are traders, as well as guardians. 


Now, by this point you may be asking "What does all this have to do with me?" Well, the answer to that is that since our little effort is getting bigger and more complex there is need for specific jobs to be filled within the guild. Since we are not a military organization we dont like using the words "Officers" or "Generals" but we do need to assign positions to members who feel they can best serve them. Some are examples are as follows.

Zogg is in charge of all relations with the Guild Initiative Office. He is the Official Guild master, and first in command of the guild. 

Skapper is the head medic and in charge of internal affairs

Bob and Bitt are in charge of the scribing station, and advancing the guilds technology

Hassan manages the guild accounts, and oversees the Aetherium transactions


All of these positions are not singular, we can have more than one person working in some area, the more the merrier. But in case you dont feel any of these fit your character, feel free to ask me or Silvvy about something your character can do to benefit the guild.


Remember, and I want to be clear about this, Your character does not NEED to have a job  Being a guildmate and assisting on missions and dungeons is enough. What matters isnt your character's rank, but rather the interactions they have within the guild. 

We hope to hear from you!



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IC guild chat/suggested forum post/Guild MISSions

by Silvyy , 272 days ago

Hey Guildies a few things to go over right now,

EDIT: links are back up and working.


IC guild chat: Everyone make sure to check out this post here

Communicator devices: IC guild,party,whisper chat

It details the new rules about IC guild chat and since it is such an important post I'd like it if you could just comment "Seen it" on it after you read it so I can get a small statistical idea of how many people these news post are getting to. 


 suggested forum post: Everyone should try to at least put down a basic back story and character details on the character Bios forum, but another fun Character development exercise is to try to pick out a character's voice actor and theme song/music, The forum post regarding this can be found here.

Voices of the Charge!



Guild MISSions: And lastly I'd like to thank and apologize one last time to those of you who gathered twice this week for Guild mission that didn't pan out, First with the glitched mission then with the the Trove puzzle where we wore unable to gather enough members.    


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We officially have our Guild Hall!!!

by Silvyy , 274 days ago

Thank you to all our members and associates who helped in the claiming. And another big thanks to everyone who has already donated to get us to tavern restoration 1, Next up is Mine restoration 1! And there’s plenty more to go after that, HoT is balanced for guild ranging from 200-300 members so we all are going to need to put in our best effort if we are ever going to see this beauty shine its brightest.

 Some hot list items to look out for...

 Elder wood planks

Mitheral Ingots

Potions of PvP

Exotic essence of luck

Silver waist shovels


We can do this!   

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Guild event one a smashing success!

by Silvyy , 277 days ago

Guild event one was a smashing success! Pocketing us 300 favor which brings us to the point where we can now afford our guild as far as favor is concerned.

EDIT: special thanks Araceae Shadowbloom and everyone els who donated to fund the expedition. we Currently have everything we need to run the actual mission its just a matter of having 10 capable players online at once, as well as getting some RP formalities out of the way. As a side note some items that we should start looking out for are Exotic essence of luck and potions of PvP reward track progress as these will be some of the hardest to gather in the long run since they cant be bought on TP.     


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by Silvyy , 278 days ago

It has come to my attention that some other members have taken interest in assisting with growing our guild and finding new members as such I want to lay down a few things.

When you meet or find a potential recruit in game do your best to inform them about what kind of guild we are and confirm that they have a pre existing knowledge of RP and are prepared to RP with other guild members. If they are not or for any other reason seem like they would be a poor fit for the guild politely defer them to the official GW2 Recruitment forum on If they seem like they would be a good fit make them feel welcome and wanted and contact a officer so they can take it from there. If a officer is not online you can ether send them a In-game friend request so the next time a Officer is online you can give that officer the Recruits screen name or you could give them a link to the official website and tell them to fill out a App and a officer will contact them shortly after.

Also for anyone who is willing shouting is appreciated though I give you a warning, For those who don't know there is a lot of hate for RP guilds in the GW2 community and be prepared to be made fun of or trolled on multiple occasions. for those of you still willing just copy and paste this shout into Map chat every other time you enter a new map.

[PvX][RP] Fury’s charge We are a community of role players looking for friends to enjoy the game with whether it be RPing, doing Raids, fractals, Dungeons, or more. Whisper me if interested.

Also do not shout if you are logging off soon so as not to have and hopefuls whisper someone who is off line.

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