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Raising from the Rubble of the old Fury’s Charge in light of the Guild initiative, Plight in Maguuma, and the many other threats facing Tyria we stand as a group of able bodied individuals willing to use their strength, intellect, skill, and determination to make the world a better place.

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Guild Cannon 9/22/16

by Infernal Pume, 331 days ago


Welcome new members of FC! As for the old, welcome back asshole, where were you when things were falling apart?


Fury's Charge is a Guild funded by the worldwide Guild Initiative Office in Lions Arch. Essentially at some point during the Zhaitan destruction and Scarlet attacks small guilds have been encouraged and funded by the Guild Initiative to aid the people of Tyria. Whether it be dungeons, guild missions, or just helping farmers with their crops the Guild Initiative Office funds us to help out around the world.

In the current timeline Zhaitan, Scarlet, Mordremoth, and recently the White Mantle have been defeated, and the most pressing threat is the Primordus in the Ring of Fire. The pact is moving onto the new threat, but unfortunately our little guild was a little left behind. 

Story Time:

Fury's Charge is a guild built on three major philosophies: "I like to kill shit, I like to see cool stuff, I would rather be drunk right now." More a family then mercenaries, the members of FC just like to pal around and galavant across Tyria. But one day big bad Zhaitan attacked, and like all the other guilds of the time FC was recruited to go take it down. After defeating the Elder Dragon FC suffered minor losses but altogether was still kicking, we could go back to our drinking and adventuring in peace. Enter Scarlett. The attack on Lion's Arch wiped most of us out, the sole survivors Skapper and Chris Kirk separated and presumed dead. A few years later Skapper and Kirk reunited, and with the help of Skapp's new boyfriend Zogg decided to start rebuilding.

Just as things were starting to look up Mordremoth reared its ugly head, and again FC launched into the fighting. The following war was even more devastating, but luckily most of us made it (anyone who didnt, see here to make your tragic demise canon) With the Jungle Dragon defeated and a progeny on the way for Skapper and Zogg, it was finally time for us all to relax. Fury's Charge went back to what it had originally been, a close knit group of warrior friends exploring and adventuring and of course, getting very drunk on a regular basis. Looking at you Kenji. 

When Destiny's Edge 2.0 was formed and started chasing the White Mantle, we decided to sit it out. We had more important stuff to do and we were all dead tired. However, Fury's Charge is still in the employ of the Guild Initiative, which means that our funding (and by extension, our alcohol money) was slashed to favor the guilds who were actually doing something productive. There was even a strongly worded letter stating that if we dont get off our asses soon we'll be evicted from the Gilded Hollow. Since most of us kinda live there it was decided that nows the time to rejoin the fight!

As of right now we are desperately trying to recruit so we can keep our funding and our home, and are sending out the following letter to just about anyone who is even remotely qualified to join:

"We have learned that you and the services could be instrumental against the latest threat of Primordus. We understand that you might have gotten other opportunities to serve Tyria, but we think Fury’s Charge may be the institution for you. Please meet me in the Fury’s Charge guild hall so we might discuss.







Another aspect we had in previous days were guild jobs, positions within the guild that are held by members. There were bartenders, cooks, i believe we had a maid at some point... it was all in good fun and it gave our characters specific purposes in the guild. 

Since our little effort is getting bigger again and lots of our old members have either moved on or given up the game there is need for specific jobs to be filled within the guild. Since we are not a military organization we dont like using the words "Officers" or "Generals" but we do need to assign positions to members who feel they can best serve them. 

These positions are not singular, we can have more than one person working in some area, the more the merrier. But in case you dont feel any of these fit your character, feel free to ask me or Silvvy about something your character can do to benefit the guild. The more specific the better!

Remember, and I want to be clear about this, Your character does not NEED to have a job  Being a guildmate and assisting on missions and dungeons is enough. What matters isnt your character's rank, but rather the interactions they have within the guild and the relationships they form. All of this is just the backdrop for meeting each other and starting arcs. 

We hope to hear from you!


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